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These days, Americans have access to all sorts of sports bets. The goal of our betting guides is to teach bettors about a sport, then show them where and how to place intelligent wagers on that sport. Gone are the days when online sports betting meant wagering on football, baseball, basketball, or hockey. The best US-facing sportsbooks list dozens of available sports markets and this guide will link to you our more “all-inclusive” betting guides (for each individual sport). Enjoy!


Daily fantasy sports is the fastest-growing way to gamble on sports. Combining the traditional playing style of fantasy sports with high-stakes betting and more regular contests, DFS (as it’s known among fans) is a hot topic because of the attention paid to it by state lawmakers. Our guide to daily fantasy sports includes notes on legality as well as the traditional information found in a gambling review.


Bitcoin is a new type of currency, and guess what? It’s starting to be accepted as a payment method at several online gambling sites. Bitcoin isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. People have been using the digital crypto-currency for seven years. One new aspect of Bitcoin is the use of the brand-new currency for gambling deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin has several features which make it an ideal fit for online gamblers. Discover how online betting is better with Bitcoin in our guide to Bitcoin betting sites.


The majority of online sportsbooks offer some form of live betting these days, and this new way of wagering over the Internet requires a new approach. What is live betting? It’s wagering in real time, featuring hundreds or thousands of fans placing bets on live odds as the game takes place. Live betting odds are dynamic, and current information about the game (the current score, elapsed time, etc.) is displayed on a live ticker. Many sports betting sites host game streams for live events so you can watch as your bet plays out.


E-sports refers to organized video gaming competitions, either between individual players or teams of gamers. The list of competitive games includes some familiar names like StarCraft2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, World of Tanks, and Quake. Because this form of betting is so new, with little in the history of sports betting to compare it to, you’ll really want to study up on our e-sports betting guide, to learn how to handicap these events, where to find the info you’ll need to handicap, and to understand trends in the sport.


Finally, onto a traditional sports betting subject. Betting on college basketball is probably as old as the sport itself. Basketball has a lot to offer sports bettors – small team sizes makes research relatively easy. Then again, these are college players, without the polish and experience of older professional ballers, and more prone to emotional mistakes and streaky play. Read our NCAA basketball betting guide for an all-access pass to the ins and outs of wagering on March Madness in particular and college basketball in general.


Among the most popular sports in the United States, college football attracts plenty of attention from punters year in and year out. The reason for the sport’s popularity is complicated – while the NFL is by far the most popular American sport, the college version of the game isn’t far behind. Because the NCAA football season is longer and more intricate than the NFL season, some suspect that it’s not long before college football is our most popular sport. Before you place a wager on your alma mater or drop a $20 bill on the CFP championship, check out our college football betting guide.


Invented sometime in the 1500s, this bat-and-ball game predates baseball by centuries and captivates audiences the world over. As the British Empire expanded, cricket spread from country to country, eventually becoming something like the world’s favorite pastime. Though cricket isn’t all that big in the US, America’s status as a home and haven for immigrants from all over the world means that you can occasionally find a hardcore cricket fan stateside. Our betting guide will help you become more familiar with the sport even as you learn where and how to place wagers on the game online.


Betting on darts is as old a hobby as drinking in bars. Americans may not be that familiar with it, but competitive darts is a big sport in other parts of the world. If you plan on wagering on professional darts and you have no experience with the sport, our betting guide is designed to get you in fighting shape in no time.


Professional cycling is a major force in the world of sports. Millions of people count themselves as dedicated fans of cycling, tuning in for ever-expanding coverage of bike race events. Read our betting guide on cycling to discover why this is one of the easiest sports to handicap, and thus one of the easiest sports to place sports bets on.


Every four years, when the Olympics air, Americans re-discover handball. It’s by far the most American sport … that Americans are terrible at. We’ve never sent a team to the Olympics that finished better than ninth. We’re big fans of handball, not just because it’s an exciting and high-scoring affair, but because like basketball, the teams are small and the players easy to handicap. Never heard of handball? Our betting guide should fill in the blanks for you.


Betting on wrestling ranges from wages placed on the outcome of WWE events to bets on amateur, college, and Olympic wrestling events. Most people who get into wrestling bets are either fans of professional wrestling on TV or former wrestlers themselves. You also get the usual compliment of Olympics-obsessed bettors who pop up every four years or so. If you plan on wagering on wrestling, in any format, please check out our guide to online wrestling wagers first.


Yet another Olympic category, winter sports bets are pretty much only a big deal during the Winter Games. Outside of the US, winter sports betting is a slightly bigger deal, thanks in large part to the fact that most winter sports take place outside the US. Study our Winter Sports betting guide before the next Winter Games, to stay a leg up on the competition.


One of our favorite ways to wager at online sports betting sites, Politics bets reward good handicapping skills as well as research skills. Bettors who make money in the Politics tab at their favorite online sportsbook are often the best of the best, advantage gamblers who know how to find and exploit the tiniest advantage. We also love politics betting because it’s an endlessly researchable subject, with no seasons and an ever-rotating cast of fascinating characters.


Our mobile betting guide is the result of years of experience placing on-the-go wagers. Mobile betting is just now becoming a big enough deal in the US to warrant an entire betting guide. With new options, new ways to pay, new games, and new bonus features to talk about, it’s no surprise that our mobile betting guide keeps growing in size. If you’re new to the mobile gambling market, or if you just need to polish off your skills, start with our massive mobile betting guide. The rest will fall in place as you play.

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