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About BettingSites.usBettingSites.us is run by a small but tight knit group of friends, all hailing from the US of A.

I grew up in Pittsburgh PA and began betting sports before the age of 18, in fact, I was known as the high school bookie in my circle of friends. Back then, I was like most new to the world of betting, inexperienced and naive.

After a few weeks of winning on the NFL, the first sport that I started betting, I remember thinking, “Wow, this is easy.” It seemed like it was! Sure, there was a point spread, but good teams beat bad teams and the oddsmakers couldn’t outsmart me even with point spread and their 10 percent vig. Ha, how wrong I was.

I promptly started losing. Firstly, I was betting offline with local bookies and getting killed on the pricing. Secondly, I had no idea what made a wager worth taking and basically did not have any idea how to handicap the NFL, let alone any other major sport.

Yes, I was a square, Joe Public, a ball stool pundit, you name it, and I would lose to the bookies forever if I did not change my ways. I soon realized this, read as much as I could on sports betting, both offline and online and joined several forums. These steps truly began my handicapping career and slowly molded me into a profitable sports bettor

As the years went by, I became most profitable at the NFL but was also a fairly solid college football capper, as well. I then began to dabble in other sports and always had money year round in sportsbooks. I learned the importance of line shopping and realized by having a solid handicapping strategy and always getting the best line on your sides, and totals are the keys to success.

However, betting is not without losing streaks. Even when you have extended wins as a sports bettor, it is essential to stay humble. Remember, even the best sports bettors win at about a 58 percent clip and the difference between a losing bettor and winning bettor is a little over 5 percent.

It is vital to realize that handicapping is a job, and you need to put the hours, along with knowing what to look for to be successful. Bankroll management is crucial, and bettors need to formulate a strategy and then stick to it.

In college, I majored in computer science and have been developing websites ever since. So the fact that I love IT and sports made building this site a no brainer. I created this site to help guys that were once like me, just getting into sports betting and want to know how to improve their handicapping. I also wanted to put up a site that had genuine book reviews. I’m so tired of reading websites that recommend scambooks and thieves such as Oddsmaker. If these guys gave me a million dollars I wouldn’t promote them. I pride myself on being honest and straight up. My reviews are unbiased and straight to the point. There is no fluff or sugar coating. A man’s word is his bond and if I can guarantee to never promote anyone but the best on this site.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it a useful resource to put a hurting on the sportsbooks. I will continue to update gamblers on news, strategy and betting information as markets continue to expand. Online betting is still relatively new in the grand schemes of things, and I will be right there with bettors every step of the way.

If you ever want to get in touch, navigate to the contact us page and we will help you find the best place for your query.

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